30 ottobre 2011

Mon Numéro (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Mon Numéro is a new line of fragrances identified by numbers, characterized by extreme creativity. Some were born out of memories, or are homages to olfactory notes, or evoke specific situations.
The "numbers" series will be available in several countries but each country will have only the chosen number. For example, Italy has “Mon Numéro 6”, while “Mon Numéro 10” is available only in the US; “Mon Numéro 8” in France, and is a tribute to Apres l'Ondée, legendary Guerlain's perfume that many of us are fond of  -evidently Bertrand, too-; “Mon Numéro 2” was bought by a private buyer for herself and is no longer available, while “Mon Numéro 5” doesn't exist at all (well, associating number 5 to a perfume is quite risky…).
Our Italian Number 6 I'm testing these days, and is a tribute to... Far-East. Ok, nothing to do with our country, but maybe few Italian customers would be interested in the evocation of landscapes in Tuscany, Liguria or Salento, since we already know them well. However, Number 6 describes the exact moment when the first raindrops the monsoon arrival. They fall on the road damping the ground, releasing a wet, metallic scent. Along with the rain notes, a bouquet of exotic fruits -one of the most recognizable accords in Bertrand's style together with liquorous notes- adds a slightly gourmand accent, suggesting the road may be bordered by trees loaded with ripe fruits. The freshness of the wet air is enhanced by a hint of dry spirit like vodka and a touch of incense; the cold floralozone blows moisture on the composition as veiling it with dew. A green tuberose and a touch of indole impart the scent a warm and "dirty" facet, making even more obvious the idea of “damp earth” and suggesting the presence of bony cattle dragging on the streets pointed with puddles. Interesting.
Although in my opinion this isn't the most moving fragrance Bertrand made so far, it's nicely original, very evocative of a particular time and place. It's certainly worth trying, and I'm sure many will fall in love with its weirdness, especially the lucky ones who have witnessed a monsoon arrival.
Now I'd be very curious to meet the other numbers (and Numéro 8 in particular)...

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