2 luglio 2012

New Houbigant's Orangers en Fleurs

The brand Houbigant has recently re-lauched "Quelques Fleurs" and "Fougère Royal", a sort of modern tribute to two great scents considered as immortal classics. This operation has also carried the brand into modernity and now, these two scents are being joined by a completely modern one: "Orangers en Fleurs".
The brand chose Robertet's Jacques Flori (Amouage Opus IV, Messe de Minuit, Anice, Vetiver and Shaal Nur by Etro, as well as works for Jovoy, Reminiscence and Xerjoff) to give it shape, and this was certainly a perfect choice, given the fondness for a tactile richness and baroque vein he'd shown in previous works. I smelled the result at Esxence and I must say I liked it a lot: though being completely modern, it features the characteristics of refinement and taste of this brand. 

The bouquet of tnew “Orangers en Fleurs” explodes with orange blossom absolue, eau de brouts (a sort of "absolue de petit grain" obtained from bitter orange twigs, characterized by a green, bitter, invigorating smell, very fresh and natural, offering "definition" to flowers and strengthening the floral side of the orange blossom), jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang, damask rose, nutmeg and cedarwood. I really like the result: not in the least sugary or "soapy", this “Orangers” provides a very clean and natural feeling with orange blossom centering the stage. A trumpet-like orange-blossom, fun, cheerful, laughing, diffusive, lasting more than few hours. A “good mood” bomb to be sprayed with no restraint, since it never goes over the top, being somewhat true to the sophistication required by being a Houbigant. I envisioned spraying it onto my cocktail, just to taste how it feels ...

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