22 novembre 2012

Loretta: Andy Tauer's new addition to the Tableau de Parfum line

Today I am wearing "Loretta", Andy Tauer's latest addition to the "Tableau de Parfums": a series of video portraits of women by filmmaker Brian Pera (you find the trailers at Evelynavenue.com). Each portrait and each story is tied to a perfume I've talked about the first, Miriam (here). Just as Miriam, Loretta also is inspired by the main character of Brian Pera's film, a beautiful young hotel maid; shy and introverted in waking reality, she lives a rich dream life where she takes an ambiguous, sensual, mysterious personality. And in fact the recesses of her soul -apparently naive and simple- hide a dark secret.
The scent "Loretta" actually looks a lot like this woman: the opening bursts of ripe and juicy fruits, made ​​all the more exuberant by spices (cinnamon, cloves, coriander) and white flowers such as tuberose, rose and orange blossom, suggesting the innocent, "girlie" side of a woman who, in many ways, is still a teenager. The scent, however, shows a darker alter ego made ​​up of shady and mysterious patchouli and vetiver, with a touch of leather.
The scent is interesting, very intense and long-living both on skin and on clothes, multi-faceted. And above all, bears Andy Tauer's signature tattooed in each milliliter (click here to read Andy's blog). 
Since I have a couple of samples, the first commenters to this post writing why they want to try it will receive a sample!

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Irina ha detto...

I would love to try Loretta
thank you

Marika Vecchiattini ha detto...

Hi irina, email me with your data!

Irina ha detto...

I sent you a mail
many thanks