4 dicembre 2012

Mona di Orio's: Musc

Today I'm wearing Musc, from Mona di Orio's line Les Nombres d'Or. I realized that I hadn't dedicated a proper post to this fragrance, but in fact it's well built, original, moving in a very special way. Probably, at other times in my life I preferred Mona's more intense and vibrant side, as in Amytis or Nuit Noire, and I left behind the gentler ones. Her Musc is a fragrance of angelic purity, suggesting a heavenly whiteness, a melancholic sweetness reminiscent of l'Eau d'Hiver (J.C. Ellena for Frederic Malle) and Apres l'Ondèe (Guerlain).

Mona's take on Musc focuses on the angelica note, a dry, powdery, toasted-hazelnut-and-bitter-cocoa, already quite fascinating in itself, which wisely Mona couples with notes supporting the poudrèe, soft, warm and cozy effect: the elegant heliotrope, the tender tonic bean, a delicate, almost evanescent rose, as well as musky notes giving their name to the fragrance. 
In Mona's Musc there's no search of balance between opposite sensations, the notes were chosen to balance perfectly right from the start and "play" all with the same gentle tone, stable for several hours. 
What is striking about this fragrance is a poignant melancholy, an ancient and delicate feeling, a sort of Brazilian saudade -but it has as many names as are the languages ​​of men-  she has been able to recreate masterfully. 
I don't remember who defined the saudade as "the love that remains, after".

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