22 marzo 2014

Esxence 2014 report 1: MariaLx Aramesh and Mogadess

At Esxence MariaLx (website) presented a new couple of fragrances: "Aramesh" and "Mogadess". After telling us the way she (ie MariaLux) loves -that is Deeply, Madly, Truly, the brand now tells us how she dies. The exploration of opposites Love/Death - Eros/Thanatos isn't exactly new stuff but... well, it's a pretty cool topic to be treated in a line of perfumes, isn't it?
If the first three are vibrant, the new ones are reflexive. Mogadess tells what happens to the body when it dies, that is the descent into Mother Earth's womb, and is played around a spicy note of cinnamon. I  have yet to discover the evolution so for now I stop here. I wore Aramesh instead, all day. It's characterized by a violet/orris/licorice accord that is gentle and quite powdery. You'd  expect it to last only seconds,  and instead it remains very present on the skin for hours and hours, with a woody/musky, very seductive drydown. It tells what happens to the spirit, which is the return to Heaven. They say the body of those dead in odor of sanctity is naturally surrounded by a  scent of violets, so I found the selection of notes perfectly focused! (I liked it so much that, while wearing it I thought that maybe MariaLux died of pleasure!)
Thanks to Basenotes for the pic

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