11 marzo 2014

Les Liquides Imaginaires: "Eau Delà" series

One of the most exciting new brands I had met last year was "Les Liquides Imaginaires", created by designer Philippe Di Meo with the collaboration of David Frossard (founder of  Differentes Latitudes). Rarely I'm attracted by brands showing a stress on the visual aspect of the product since more than once I didn't find the same quality inside the bottles, so generally I explore these later, when I finish my exploration of all the others. Prejudices? Yes, and often I'm right. 
But this is not the case.
The six fragrances offered by "Les Liquides Imaginaires" are divided into two lines: "Eaux delà" and "Eaux sanguines" in a game of words that identifies the first three as "sacred" and the second three as "worldly".
Those revolving around the idea of ​​"sacred" are characterized by an incense emerging from the composition in three different ways, making them a single speech with three different directions. 
One direction is more acute, bright, refreshing, herbaceous: Sancti composed by Givaudan's Sonia Constant features bergamot, coriander, cypress; Fortis also composed this by Sonia Constant takes a woodier turn with patchouli, guaiac wood and sandalwood, contributing a slight creamy tinge; Tumultu (composed by Givaudan's Jacques Huclier) is more intensely woody and nocturnal with vetiver, sandalwood, oud.
The fragrances share an exuberant start, then tune down to skin scents; all three shall be tested on skin, because the difference between skin and paper is quite noticeable. They feature quality raw materials  (oud, spices, woods...) so change a lot with the passing of time, providing an interesting and varied olfactory journey. 
The only comment I can move is a certain lack of originality; with such evocative names, I would've expected more daring, rule-breaking fragrances, while I found them modern, perfectly wearable and quite trendy (follows).

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