22 luglio 2015

Amore e Psiche: glass art+perfumery at Villa Carlotta

Until August 2, the beautiful Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo (Como) hosts "Microcosm of Glass", an art installation of Murano glass by Silvia Rutolo and Mauro Puccitelli. Part of this installation is named "Amore and Psyche", and joins glass art and perfumery in an exciting way. But first thinglet's speak of the visual part: here you have SilviaRutolo's site; Silvia is not only a great person and a passionate woman, but above all a very much appreciated artist, who creates little masterpieces to wear. 
In particular, this year we have worked with her since she wanted to scent her "Cocoons". The cocoons are made of Murano glass and may be transparent, colored, or with gold and silver streaks, and make refined pendants. Inside the glass cocoon, she places a silk thread, which the customer can then scent using a tiny dropper. It's a very elegant and exclusive way to perfume oneself, and, together, sport an unique piece of handmade artistic jewelry.

A few months ago Silvia asked us (ie to Catherine Roncati and me) if we could create a fragrance to perfume the installation she was designing for Villa Carlotta. 
She was preparing these big transparent cocoons that would carry an olfactory note each one, and that, put together side by side, compose the whole fragrance. She had asked for something that would evoke the luscious bouquet of plants and flowers found in the garden of the Villa: eight hectares of fern, bamboo, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, groves of trees, rock gardens as well as a spectacular XVI century garden. 
We concocted a green fragrance of galbanum and bitter citrus, a profusion of flowers in shades of green (lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang ylang, rose), vetiver, cedarwood and a bouquet of musks (including calone and iso and super).
The result is intensely green, open, fresh (a tad pungent I would say) and very natural. We had fun when composing it, and the public is responding very well too: the scent is on sale at the Villa and is flying off the shelves!
I invite you to visit Villa Carlotta: in addition to the Villa-Museum with its works of art, you could stroll in the magnificent gardens, participate in workshops on glass art led by Silvia, and above all, go and smell “Amore and Psiche”, our de-structured fragrance!

The installation will be open in the Wunderkammer (mezzanine) everyday until August 2, from 10.15 at 13.15 and at 18.15 from 14.15. For workshops for adults and children on the glass info at Villa Carlotta website

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