11 aprile 2016

The Orchid Man (Jerome Epinette for Frapin, 2015)

I noticed I haven't written anything about Frapin (website here) in quite a while and I'm sorry because this line of fragrances express those characteristics that make me fall for almost all of them: up to date, stylish, wearable, rich in beautiful ideas and, often, in raw materials too.
The Orchid Man, the newly launched in this line, features the same characteristics of its scent "sisters" but in addition, I was struck by the floral wealth of the composition, dedicated to a male character. 

The Orchid Man in fact ("L'Homme à l'Orchidèe”) was the nickname of a French boxer of the 30s named Georges Carpentier, who after a successful career on the ring, first became a decorated aviator, then a theater and movie actor -he acted in both silent and sound movies- then he turned into a Wall Street businessman; then finally opened the first cocktail bar in Paris. A man of many talents and a thousand lives, who continues to fascinate many decades later.
The perfume dedicated to him evokes the natural elegance of his gestures, his refined taste and versatility; The Orchid man is indeed a very open-natured floral, rich, sultry, sophisticated and classy, ​​dominated by a beautiful jasmine note, introduced by bergamot and black pepper (an intriguing accord I love), which then becomes rich, sound and sumptuous. From the middle notes on, jasmine changes clothes and takes on resins (incense and ambergris) and woods (patchouli and oak moss), for an elegant drydown.
A smart fragrance with a personality, lasting long on the skin. Frapin usually focuses more on the  masculine universe, but I would see The Orchid Man very well worn by a woman.

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