6 giugno 2016

New from Bruno Acampora: Azzurro di Capri (2016)

During perfumery fairs I never miss a visit to Bruno Acampora Profumi booth (English website here). 
First of all because I like to chat with Sonia, a person of rare kindness, and then because I'm trying to devise their strange marketing plan
They must surely have one, but I fail to understand it: apparently, they seem to follow the "inspiration." For example, the supplier of their famous aluminum bottles ships them a batch of pieces in a wrong format? Well, they don't even think of shipping them back: au contraire, they take this as a sign of destiny and launch a limited edition, super deluxe box set called "Gli Sbagliati – The Wrong ones” with all their iconic fragrances in 5 ml minibottles, which immediately become a huge success… It's not only luck, it's things done with real passion.

However, the news is "Azzurro di Capri", the new fragrance launched in spring during Esxence.
All of Bruno Acampora scents feature a wealth of resins, woods, musk, spicy and opulent floral notes. Moreover, being oil essences, are even more satisfactory, three-dimensional, throbbing as live animals. All this olfactory richness lacked a fragrance that would evoke the blue of the Mediterranean, the Amalfi coast and yellow citruses, which, for a Neapolitan brand was quite weird. And so they started working on it.
The result is a nice floral-citrusy scent with a sizzling start of bitter orange, lemon and bergamot, steeped in a rich jasmine-orange blossom accord, which then settles on woody notes. The whole is surrounded by blinding white muscs, giving it a contemporary feel, despite its classical and linear accords. Although it does speak of the sea, the Amalfi Coast and citruses, Azzurro di Capri doesn't capture the actual natural scents. It is by no means an impressionist watercolor: it evokes, instead, an abstract idea of summer relaxation, a chic seaside holiday, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, carefree holiday folk only wearing white linen and no jewelry.
Like all Acampora perfumes, even Azzurro di Capri is in oil, thus lasting hours on the skin and projecting well around the wearer.
I didn't actually test it this way, but I feel it would be perfect on the beach, under the swimsuit on warm, salty skin.

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Maga ha detto...

It is the fresher of the Acampora family, I smelled it to Esxence and I loved it. I can not wait to wear it!

Marika Vecchiattini ha detto...

I really loved it, too. Tell me your thoughts after wearing it, ok?