7 settembre 2017

New from Antonio Alessandria: Fleurs et Flammes (2017)

Antonio Alessandria's last work, as the name suggest (Fleurs et Flammes means Flowers and Flames), is a fireworks of flowers, that bloom women's skin, but I have the impression they were made up to homage male skin. This flower bouquet, though sumptuous and rich, is no less sober, elegant, restrained, and on male skin really gives the best of itself. As if Antonio was trying to manage his compositional exuberance, and in doing so, he was reaching a higher level of abstraction. That said, Fleurs et Flammes would look like a conceptual and "difficult" perfume, but it is not: all Antonio's perfumes are characterized by rich and sophisticated notes, satisfactory textures, almost tactile, and this makes no difference. However... However I found a search for linearity, for a greater dryness, characterizing the chypre family.
Bergamot, lemon, rose, lily, white flowers, woods, musk notes make up one of the few real modern chypre: lights and shadows, fireworks and humid and shady notes in a cold, almost mystic fragrance of strong impact. Fleurs et Flammes is the great-grandson of a family fascinating like no other, now extinct, and with very few descendants.
The perfume is in EdP and lasts for a couple of hours; I advise you to spray and wait for a quarter of an hour because it is from the heart onwards that it fully develops its magic.

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