3 novembre 2017

Paloma Y Raices by HomoElegans (2017)

Paloma y Raices.
That is, the dove and its roots.
That is Frida (Kahlo) and Diego (Rivera).
That is, the yang and the yin.
That is, opposites join together to compose the One, which at that point can rise from its own limitation and ascend to higher dimensions.

Paloma y Raices by HomoElegans (website here) is a very original interpretation of tuberose, binding together all its different aspects in the same scent:
  • the green and natural aspects
  • the dry, leathery and smoky aspects,
  • the fluorescent, latex-like ones.
Whatever your tuberose idea, here it is.
A full-sounding tuberose note is joined by a flower capable of playing with the same intensity: ylang yang

The green and mentholated accord of the opening is right there to accommodate the coolest and herbaceous part of the tuberose/ylang duo and bring it to Heaven.

Then a fruity-sour accord elongates the feeling of freshness, supporting tuberose/ylang's most exuberant and fluorescent side. 

In the end, a tobacco note exalts the dry, shady, smoky aspect of this duo, and acts as a root sinking into Mother Earth.
Tonka beans, vanilla and resins (Tolù and Peru) round up, offer support and long life to the composition.

In this scent, Heaven and Earth meet on the skin of the wearer and join in a love act that lasts many hours: all compositions in HomoElegans line are shamelessly, wonderfully erotic and I find Paloma y Raices perfectly coherent with her two scoundrel brothers Tadzio and Quality of Flesh.

Every fragrance I've been talking about these days (Tubereuse Absolue by Perris Montecarlo, Naomi Goodsir's Nuit de Bakélite and Paloma y Raices by HomoElegans) is a unique and original journey around the tuberose note. Even if you already know this flower is not for you, go and try them. Sometimes Beauty sleeps under unsuspected blankets!

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