18 gennaio 2011

Imperiale: a new scent by Nobile 1942

In December, the new scent "Profumo Imperiale” was presentedin Genoa. If I appreciated the fragrance itself, even more I loved the idea behind the project. In fact, the perfume and its pack are born from the collaboration of Ligurian craftsmen of great renown, each of which was asked to designed a part of the project: Costantino Bormioli took care of the glass bottle, a tiny masterpiece completely mouth-blown; the stopper is surrounded by a precious silver filigree bracelet handmade by Giuseppe Rizzo, while the firms "Sechi Brothers" and "De Martini Sons" created the elaborated cylindrical case covered with sumptuous golden damask. Finally, “Nobile 1942” was the creator of the bouquet.

At the press conference, the atmosphere almost electric, the satisfaction of the five excellent craftsmen was palpable, it was the first time they saw the finished project in all its glory and this was sparking everybody’s enthusiasm: "An artisan works at his best when left free to experiment with creative solutions he believes in" they said while congratulating each other for their work. No doubt, they’ve been really good (ok, you may accuse me of being partial but... for this single time I’m happy to say that bottle and packaging are simply gorgeous).
Imperiale, the scent itself, is an “ambery” scent, characterized by energetic, brilliant top notes of bergamot and mandarin dipped in a golden, warm, confident, light, perfect both on female and male skin. It presents a dense texture, thanks to woody notes (a soothing patchouli and somehow "green" sandalwood), leathery and ambery notes; it sings with a strong, self confident voice, spreading nicely around without being intrusive.
Although lasting several hours, it doesn’t evolve much; when citrus and spices in the top fade away, the warm and brilliant glow of the afternoon turns into a twilight of tonka bean and myrrh, lowering the tone, taking a poudrèe direction and getting more "intimate".
Globally, a fragrance with a self-confident personality, optimistic, communicative, uplifting, ideal to drive the blues away!
The cost was deliberately kept affordable: 135 Euros for 100 ml Edp. "Profumo Imperiale " is a limited edition, now available on the "Liguria Style" website, but then it’ll be distributed by Nobile 1942.

The name comes from Palazzo Imperiale, an historic palazzo once owned by the noble Imperiale family, located in the historic centre of Genova.

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