30 maggio 2011

A wonderful June

Here you have some interesting training and tasting events taking place in July; I'll add more in the coming days, as soon as I know the exact dates.
Saturday, June 4, at 18, in the farmhouse "Pernambucco della Contessa" in Finale Ligure (Genova) conference-tasting "Old mortar sauces and dressings" by Umberto Curti (Ligucibario). A journey of culinary recipes involving garlic, sailor bean, dried fuits... every recipe will be carefully matched with wines and step-by-step recipes will be given, so to enjoy sauces made by yourself.
June 7: "Top 20", a day dedicated to the analysis of market leaders and olfactory trends.
June 22 to 24: "Introduction" to acquire, improve, or organize your knowledge in the perfume field and develop a culture of olfactory scent, to master the vocabulary and to correctly identify the main notes of a fragrance.
The training days are aimed at individuals and professionals and are held at the headquarters of Mouillettes &Co. in Castelletto Ticino. Info: info-corsi@mouillettes-and-co.com - tel. 0331 911853

June 20: "Launches 1st half 2011" for an analysis of perfume launches in the first half of 2011, in Italy and abroad.

For those who will be in Paris
Osmothèque organized a couple of extremely interesting events:
On June 7, Octavian Coifan (perfume historian and much-appreciated blogger of 1000Fragrances) will give a lecture about "Perfumery in Russia".
Saturday, June 18 at 10am Monsieur Yves Tanguy will present some historic Eau de Cologne in their original versions; he will led you exploring both old vinegars and musky "Eau" of the twentieth century. During the meeting you'll have chance to try: l 'Eau de la Reine de Hongrie "(1340), the Vinaigre des 4 Voleurs (1630), "Eau sans pareille", "Vinaigre Aromatique de Bully" (1818), "Eau de Lubin" (1798), "Eau de Cologne de Napoléon" (1820), "Eau de Cologne Impériale" by Guerlain (1853), "Eau du Coq", by Guerlain again (1894), "Eau d'Hermès" (1951), "Eau de Patou" (1976), "Eau de Thé vert" by Bulgari (1992).
Info: Osmothèque Website

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