27 agosto 2012

Neela Vermeire's line: Trayee, Mohur, Bombay Bling 1/2

India is undoubtedly a feast for all five senses, but... just minutes after landing, you realize that smell is the guide-sense, here: the air is filled with the most beautiful scents of Nature.
Neela Vermeire, the founder of the new line of scents I'm telling you of today, was born in India and raised in France, and learned to savor the joys of smell in her native country; she returns there often to visit family, so remained deeply tied to her Indian roots: she loves Indian music, food, colors, history, monuments, nature ... when you meet her, you immediately realize that she is a happy mix of two different cultures, with a special harmony radiating from her frank, direct smile. 
When she decided to open her own company, Neela had to select a composer to create the first three fragrances in the line. She chose someone who had already proven not only to love the Far East (and India in particular), but also to understand its deepest essence and to being able to return it in his fragrances: Bertrand Duchafour.
And in fact the three scents (Trayee, Mohur and Bombay Bling) are interesting and multifaceted, sharing the same background of precious woods (such as Mysore sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, Laotian oud), along with bright, cold spices (as ginger, coriander and cardamom, with a touch of saffron and black pepper to add a touch of warmth), resonating clearly in all three. They also feature rich and opulent flowers such as Sambac jasmine and Turkish rose of high quality, used in high proportions. 
Another feature of the three fragrances, which makes them recognizably "Duchafour" is the accord of exotic fruit. Neela's website suggests the use of mango, lichee and blackberry but what I perceive is an an "exotic fruit dipped in rum" accord that often characterizes Bertrand's concept of "Far East"(maybe, it's just that Bertrand's in love with Indian cuisine, where sweet, salty and crunchy sensations blend beautifully)!
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(to be continued)

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