30 novembre 2012

The Art of Scent Catalog is now available!

The catalog of the exhibition "The Art of Scent", opened November 20th at the MAD Museum in New York is now available in pre-sale at the Museum's online shop.
I leave it to Chandler Burr, the curator of the exhibition (who also authored the catalog), to present it at best: "You will be able to take home the exhibition -or buy the exhibition without coming to New York! The catalog contains a 5 ml vial of 11 of the 12 olfactory masterpieces on display at the Exhibition, plus a booklet of 11 essays on the art historical context of each of the 11 works."
The scents presented in the catalog are:
- 1 Romanticism (Jicky, 1889, Aimé Guerlain for Guerlain)

- 2 Abstract Expressionism (L’Interdit, 1957, Francis Fabron for Givenchy)

- 3 Early American School (Aromatics Elixir, 1971, Bernard Chant for Estèe Lauder)

- 4 Industrialism (Drakkar Noir, 1982, Pierre Wargnye for Guy Laroche)

- 5 Surrealism (Angel, 1992, Olivier Cresp for T. Mugler)

- 6 Minimalism (L’Eau d’Issey, 1992, Jacques Cavallier for Issey Miyake)
- 7 Photo Realism (Pleasures, 1995, Annie Buzantian, Alberto Morillas for Estèe Lauder)

- 8 Kinetic Sculpture (Light Blue, 2001, Olivier Cresp for Dolce &Gabbana)

- 9 Neo-Romanticism (Prada Amber, 2004, Carlos Benaïm, Max Gavarry, Clément Gavarry for Prada)

- 10 Luminism (Osmanthe Yunnan, 2006, Jean-Claude Ellena for Hermès)

- 11 Post-Brutalism (Untitled, 2010, Daniela Andrier)

The catalog retails for $ 250 and there are only 1000 numbered copies. Maybe perfumistas already own most or all of the fragrances featured in the catalog, but if you have a dear one taking the first steps in the perfume world and want to give her/him a TERRIFIC Christmas gift... you now know where to start your search. Visit the online shop of the museum!

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