19 marzo 2014

Esxence 2014: my snifflist

Tomorrow, the sixth edition of Esxence (site) will open at the beautiful location of Milan Triennale (Viale Alemagna 6). Here's my list of things I'd like to sniff:

1 I guess Alessandro Gualtieri is presenting his new line "Orto Parisi", and I look forward to smelling  them all...

2 Naomi Goodsir. Yes, I know I haven't written anything about the two fragrances she debuted with a couple of years ago -which I like a lot. Now she's launching the third, and if it's at the same level...

3 I'm surely going to visit Nobile 1942, not only to smell Frapin's Paradis Perdu that I missed in Florence, but above all to ask Antonio Alessandria how does it feel being "behind". He's just launched his line of three masterfully composed fragrances (go absolutely to smell them because they are worth the effort), but above all he's totally passionate about perfume, one of those people who, at the end of the day, you have to haunt away from the exhibition, other way they'll never go away.
Well, this time it's up to him to stay inside the stand to present his line. Of course, I cannot wait to hug him and ask him "How does it feel?" I think his line going to be a huge success, on the other hand deserves it all.

And then tomorrow at 17.30 there the polysensorial cocktail with perfumes by Edmond Roudnitska (Femme, Eau d'Hermes and Diorella: the Osmothèque allows us to sniff them in the original version). In a couple of days bookings have almost outrun the available places, so those who still were willing to participate send asap an email to esxence@equipemilano.com

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