13 marzo 2014

Les Liquides Imaginaires: "Eau Sanguine" series

The three fragrances of the "sanguines/bloody" line are dedicated to three fine wines, pyramids feature fascinating notes of liqueurs: Champagne (Dom Rose), Porto (Bello Rabelo) and Burgundy (Bloody Wood). 
Dom Rose pays homage to the sacrifice of the rose, which is planted in the vineyards to highlight the attack of mildew, a parasite feeding on the vine, that will attack roses about a week before attacking the vineyard itself. The rose is then sacrificed in order to gain time to save the vine: a poetic idea which I found just as brilliant as the fragrance, as sparkling, fruity and rosy as a Champagne rosè (and going to the head the same way!). 
Bello Rabelo is a tribute to the boat traditionally used for sea transportation of barrels of precious Porto wine. In addition to the typical wine note, I perceived a fruity note coupled with immortelle and ciste labdanum, adding depth and a nocturnal mystery to the composition, the most liquor-y of the three. 

The one that struck me most though, is Bloody Wood, with notes of rose and black cherry (scents characterizing Burgundy wine) and woody notes reminiscent of the oak barrels where it is aged, the composition is dry, somehow restrained, almost mystical (and so, extremely seductive).
I liked the "sanguine" serie even more, I felt a greater emphasis on originality, fragrances feel more direct and engaging, I imagine  the contribution of David Frossard (he's from Frapin family... I wrote about him here, scroll the page to read the english version) has been more consistent. 
I do recommend a good sniff! (Their website is here)

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