20 gennaio 2017

New from Uermì: Or+Ange (by Cecile Zarokian) 2/2

Or + Ange by Uermì is a scent I liked a lot.
It's a strangely warm and slightly gourmand citrus fragrance, quite intriguing and not easily labelled, that I wore with curiosity. I spray it, and cannot help but keep smelling it, without understanding what kind of creature this was.
A modern Cologne?
A particularly intense citrusy fragrance?
A musky scent with citrus notes?
A gourmand scent with tons of musks?
In any case, as soon as you wear it, you feel something simple and reassuring, almost childish, which deceives you making you think you understood it... after one hour, you realize there's a strong idea behind this scent, and a lot more happening in it. In addition to the natural feel of citrus fruits and of bright musks, Or+Ange festures a plasticized quality, artificial as a rubber doll, which takes the idea of classical Cologne and projects it to a different direction, uneasy to classify.
Could it be a cyberspace citrus?
You say no?
Well then I challenge you to give a better description.
I have worn it twenty or so times and yet I do not understand one iota more. It's not a common expereince, for me, something putting me off like this.

I do not know if this was just the idea that Aurora had in mind, but this perfume shows a very, very strong personality (with more than satisfactory longevity and intensity).

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