14 ottobre 2017

Perris Montecarlo: Tubereuse Absolue

When Gian Luca Perris said he was composing a tuberose-based new perfume I could not wait to try it: the perfumes in his Perris Monte Carlo line (website here) show a great love for raw materials and emphasize them as few others.
Like other fragrances in this brand, Tubereuse Absolue is available in both Eau de Parfum and Parfum, with two slightly different and somewhat complementary formulas.

The Parfum is dominated by a beautifully dry and profound tuberose, herbaceous, smoky, with a hint of bark. This is a shady, indomitable, wild fragrance of untamed virility (but also pleasing to feminine skin! Obviously, a strong personlity is a prerequisite...).

The EdP explores a more joyous, immediate, open side. The tuberose is coupled with a salty note that exalts its sweetness, with a plasticized, “sunscreen” side. The result is a soundly modern, fluorescent, exhilarating perfume. Good humor to wear.

Same note, two complementary aspects. 
In the end, Gian Luca has dedicated tuberose two fragrances and I cannot thank him enough!

"GianLuca what a wealth, two marvelous tuberose scents in the same launch!" I congratulated him, some months ago.
"A year and a half ago, when I decided to deal with this flower, I only knew that I wanted to create something different, an unusual tuberose, that did not recall anything already existing." He answered. 
"But I soon realized that it would be complicated because tuberose has two very different aspects, which are difficult to unify. In the end, I decided to devote two fragrances: one would exalt the predominantly natural, herbaceous, primitive side and the other that would homage the most "cultural" side, or tuberose as we have known and loved in a hundred years of perfumery."

Both, of course, are Perris up to the marrow. Rich, vibrant, engaging.
If I had to choose only one, I would choose the EdP because it is closer to my feminine, sumptuous, tuberose idea, but in the end I would like them both. I would buy the Parfum as a gift for my husband. And then I would wear that one, too.

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