22 maggio 2009

Basenotes 9th Annual Award

Have you seen the banner leftside? Bergamotto e Benzoino is one of the 10 finalist blogs at the prestigious Annual Basenotes Awards. For me it is a great honour to be on that list: the other nine finalists are my favorites; places I often check, run by talented people from whom I learnt a lot! I would like to thank Basenotes for the great work to spread correct knowledge about the scented world, and all the friends that have B&B candidate and then voted: their support and appreciation is for me a push forward and deeper into this subject I love so much. What I feel important is not so much to win, but to broaden the conversation on perfume, explore, encourage, stimulate, learn, communicate, so that more people will get closer to the magic of perfume and its art. With this in mind, together with the nine other finalist blogs, I feel we win a little something every day. Thanks again to all of you for your enthusiasm and your friendship.

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