24 giugno 2009

Casta Diva and Patchouli - Nobile 1942

I met Stefania in the "Nobile 1942" showroom in Arenzano. A place beside the river, between flocks of birds and trees. The perfect place to talk about perfume. I was invited because they are launching a new line, and wanted to introduce me to their fragrances, of which I'll tell you in a separate post.
My visit to the showroom, however, was fantastic also for another reason: I could see the laboratory. Nobile 1942 imports in Italy several important niche brands (Frapin and Nougat Body to Home are my favorite), but all the business was born around their line, Nobile 1942, and these fragrances are made right here. Stefania took me to see the warehouse where orders are stored and the laboratory. You can see pics here: the precision balance, funnels and bottles, essence containers, the filter, the device to close spray bottles. They make everything by hand, even stick labels, can bottles and all the rest. They recently released Casta Diva and Patchouli. Casta Diva is a fresh-crisp citrus with white flowers where a delicious frangipani stands out. It's not intense and "classic" as the other fragrances in their line, and although I see it perfectly on a romantic and lively woman, it's very wearable especially in hot weather by a man. We tested it on Massimo, Stefania's husband (he is the descendant from the family that created the perfume brand Nobile 1942) and a curious friend, who generously offered their wrists. In fact, on men's skin it loses some flowers and earns a "marine" freshness. I left what I like best, the Patchouli, for second. Earthy, with very few accessories around, just a citrus opening, woods, a drop of incense. Bravi! A beautiful animal patchouli enveloping and rough, which reminded me of that I find in Borneo 1834 by Lutens, only slightly more domesticated, but still fascinating and provocative. Sprayed on skin and clothes it lasts enough, while sprayed only on the skin tends to vanish after a couple of hours (curiously, also Borneo 1834 doesn't go a long way), maybe my tastes are somewhat extreme, or maybe 8 hours of wild patchouli could be frightening for someone, and then the time choice could be right. However, I spray again with delight. Want to try? In the coming days there will be a fun game for you!
"... come potrà mai sapere cosa è un profumo?"

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