12 agosto 2009

Mid-August Game

The other night, while having an icy shower before going to sleep, I was wondering how to celebrate Mid-August, the period I love most during the year. I asked Stefania from Nobile1942 for help, and she offered five sample sets of their fragrances. Those who gain them will have the chance to focus on fragrances and forget about the summer heat for a while.
So we planned this: here you have a famous sentence
"Chi non ha mai provato la magia di un campo di gelsomini e di rose nell'alba nascente come potrà mai sapere cosa è un profumo?" (which translates as "He who never experienced the magic of a field of jasmine and roses in the newborn sun, how can possibly understand what perfume is about?).
Well, we broke the sentence in two and added half of it to Nobile1942 website and half in this blog. You have to find the two pages which display the two pieces. If it seems too difficult, I can assure you that a small residue of goodness still remains!

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