14 settembre 2009

Pitti Immagine Fragranze 2009/1

Here I am back home after the three best days of the year.
During Pitti Fragranze I met many fragrance composers; with some of them we are building a real friendship and it's amazing to learn about their new creations, talk about their projects ... I thank them all for being so generous with themselves, that is for having shared their time, laughters, thoughts, some lunches and plenty of time with me.

It was an immense pleasure that I don't know if I can ever repay. In the coming days I will speak of:
- Lorenzo Villoresi; I spent almost an hour with him; his accessibility surprised me. From the top of his wonderful creations and the Prix Coty (he's the only Italian ever to win the Oscar prize for Perfumery) he could even boost a little bit, and instead he looks as a wise Sufi teacher, with a half smile of amusement that makes him reeeally very charming.

- Andy Tauer, my friend; a person I appreciate immensely for he's wise, bright, surprising, one of the most creative minds I've ever met.
- Etienne de Swardt (Etat Libre d'Orange), intriguing man with the most enchanting, devilish smile
- Mona di Orio, who struck me for her intensity, her style. 1.60 full to the brim with energy absolute.
- Stephane Humbert Lucas (Nez à Nez), with whom we are undertaking a project. He had such a beautiful idea that both moved and electrified me. Thanks, Stephane, for thinking of me and my blog for this adventure.
- Vero Kern, for whom my admiration and my affection are constantly increasing. A shaman-woman capable of creating true Beauty; and Beauty, I am adamant, improves people's lives.
- Alessandro Gualtieri (Nasomatto). I'll write very little about him because he left me speechless. I am not a journalist (yes, I am but it's not a factor, here); I'm a true passionate writing about what gives me joy. Thank you, Alessandro, for understanding this and overwhelming me with your generosity.
- Olivier Durbano: the living demonstration that gentleness, composure, smile may move mountains.
- Yosh Han, at Pitti as paying public (in Italy nobody sells her creations, yet), who presented us her fragrances and since I liked them, I'll talk about.
Also, there are some brands whose new creations, new directions, exciting projects itrigued me; and I wills peak about them diffusely:
- Nobile 1942
- Amouage
- Perle di Bianca
- L'Artisan Parfumeur
- The Different Company
- Laboratorio Olfattivo
- Humiecki and Graef
- Vetrofuso
(not a perfumery Brand, but some of their creations may be very interesting for us)
- Others I don't recall now
And then there will be the Sniffa-Pitti report. A fantastic day. Meeting with so many friends (this time we were really very many, we could not be hosted all together in the booths!) was exciting and once again I confirmed my opinion that yes, passion brings people together. It builds bridges where nothing else works, it breaks down differences and obstacles. When I see you vibrating for the same things, anticipating what the others will say because you know each other's tastes and personalities very well without ever having seen each other, well, I cann't tell what goes on inside me, but ... something good happens. And I want to speak about it in deep.
And then I'd like to sort my thoughts on this event, the opportunities it offers, how it's important (and enlightening!) to participate both as public and as professionals. There is no other opportunity like this all over the world, and in this, Pitti Immagine staff had a genius intuition. Annapia Giovacchini, who heads the Event's Organization Office, was happy for the exponential growth of the attendance (more than double last year), perhaps the message "Those who love scents cannot miss an event like this" is passing. I'll write about this in details.

Ok, It'll take me a post or two every day for weeks.... I wil get writer's cramps...

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