18 settembre 2009

Sniffa-Pitti part 3

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After lunch (a very light one, I should say. Hey Pitti, is that next year you can ask portions and dishes suitable for marathon sniffers instead that for ascetes?) we reached the conference room where Cristian and I were Ornella Pastorelli’s guests (she’s the creator of Casaroma home fragrance brand) for the presentation of the new line of home fragrances “La Gioia del Ricordo” ("The Joy of Remembrance").
A few months ago during the event at he “Soffitto Viola” store in Iseo, Ornella had already talked about these four new fragrances, and asked us if she could send it to us to have an opinion, as since we liked them, Ornella suggested that we helped her in the presentation. So we settled down with her in the room, and while the felt pads soaked in fragrance (a lively citrus, a nice green/woody, a very delicate flowery and a woody/gourmand), were cruising through the audience, she recollected memories she put in the fragrances. Cristian and I told what these fragrances had brought to our minds when we sniffed them the first time, and even friends in the audience added their own. It was a very relaxing, enjoyable, even intimate half an hour: even scents we choose for our rooms talk about us and our history. Thanks to Ornella for letting us involved in this journey through the memories!
Since in the Profumimport spot there was also Olivier Durbano, we retraced our steps and we once again crowded that booth. Olivier is a nice guy, smiling, he loves what he does and you realize that he’s very much in it, but prefers to let his works speak for himself (sometimes talent may be shy). Prior to being a composer of perfumes he’s a designer of jewelry in hard stone and crystals, he creates unique pieces starting from the beauty of the stones. And the stones is what inspired also the creation of his four scents Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Turquoise, Black Tourmaline and Jade.
I'll talk more of these because I want to study them longer, but I must say that, like many other participants I particularly liked both Turquoise and Jade: green, aromatic, woody, fresh, pungent, very different but both with a strong personality. Olivier showed us that inside the vials he put small beads of stone, so that the vibrations of color (the scents are colored: hooray), the smell and stone harmonize and mutually reinforce. I was very glad to meet him and thank him for all the time and patience that he gave us! (continues)
The picture below with Olivier (left) and Andy Tauer (right) is by Guido, our kind host at Profumimport booth. Thank you Guido for hosting us and of course for the pictures!

Casaroma website
Olivier Durbano website

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