26 ottobre 2009

Tauleto Wine Fragrance

Okay, I may definitely be the last one to write about it, over two years after its launch. I don’t like running after the latest news, talking about everything that everyone else is talking about. Not for a question of snobbery, it's just that there’s a physical limit to things I can do/write/test in my days. Rather than hastily writing about something I have yet to understand, just because it’s "trendy" in that moment, I prefer waiting for my moment to arrive, that is, when things call me out. So then I listen, although systematically I arrive last, when much has already been said. But since I do it for my exclusive pleasure and not out of duty, I decided long ago that the "comfort" of saying things when I feel it's my time to tell them, is something I’m not willing to give up. And so I’ll speak of Tauleto Wine Fragrance today.


I met this fragrance because Ilaria Cesari invited me to her stand during Pitti Fragranze, and she spent some time to explain to me the characteristics of Tauleto line. It also offers facials and body treatments rich in polyphenols, but I was interested in the perfume and so I tried that (I think Diakranis instead has tried the body cream). I’ll start by saying that Tauleto is the wine made in the family’s wineyards from Sangiovese grapes, a wine with a nice, satisfactory full body.
Does the scent smell of wine? Yes, indeed; it reminds me of a wine bouquet, at least in the “intention”. It doesn’t remember the Sangiovese wine in structure or body, but it shares the fruity aromas and multiple facets.
It’s pleasantly fruity of grapes (!) and tangerine, rounded by flowers such as roses and violets, the pyramid also says "licorice," but luckily I don’t detect any (I say luckily because wouldn’t have liked it the same way I do in wines), all wrapped in a delicate cloud of white musk. A floral musk and ethereal, it could be a mix of habanolide, galaxolide and celestolide or something similar, with a soapy final note that reminds me of dihydromyrcenol (Dixan smell) but here it’s used in such a perfectly tiny amount to gives you a light feeling of “clean” without actually smelling “detergent”. Wow, used this way, dihydromyrcenol may even turn pleasant.
The scent opens with an exhilarating dew of ripe fruit and flowers, after 5 minutes fruits disappear to give way to a delicate floral mix, unpretentious but nice, cool, a joyful atmosphere reminiscent of the grapes vintage. Everything melts in a tail of white musk which, even if out of the “wine” contest, performs a double task: gathers the bouquet together like a crystal glass, and lingers nicely in the end, avoiding the smell to fall into a sudden quit.
The fragrance is not very long-living but overall it’s consistent with the type of perfume, it’s one of those to be sprayed and re-sprayed over again without fear of invading other people’s space. I liked it, and although I have worn it nicely, on men's skin delivers even more pleasant sparks

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