4 novembre 2009

Epic for Woman (Amouage, 2009)

Epic is the second act of a love story told on Amouage website, it’s about the time when the fair mistress searches within herself her air, the voice with which to sing her love song. She is driven through the spice route, to finally find himself... Ok,ok, all very inspiring and romantic but, huh, absolutely useless. Let’s talk about the scent, ok?
The fragrance approach is not brand new, this theme could have been banalized and discounted in the hands of someone less skilled, instead Epic shows a great character and a thrilling development.
It’s a millimeter-sharp balance between the heat of spices and a soft, vanillic wrap-around (absolutely no sugary); these two aspects complement each other differently as they pass the hours. The start is pungent with cinnamon and cumin, I also smell some black pepper; at this early stage vanilla is just a frame enhancing the triumph of spices, giving order and shaving off excesses.
As the hours pass, spices earn the company of beautiful flowers like Damascus rose and orris, while vanilla enriches with incense, oud, ambery and musky shades; the long final is soft, caressing, with vanilla immersed in a pool of wonderful sandalwood.
The notes reminded me of the “biting” opening of Passage d'Enfer (Olivia Giacobetti for L’Artisan Parfumuer), but where the latter shows a rigorous, minimalist, almost ascetic approach, Epic is her softer, more seducing sister.
I've detected some gorgeous raw materials including a very refined orris, a blade of crystal, evanescent Omani frankincense (signing all along the line Amouage), a fantastic sandalwood.
Epic irradiates nicely from the skin but no more than one meter, and its persistence is very satisfying, the fragrance is well perceived in its full development, which lasts three to four hours on the skin and more on clothes.
I really loved this fragrance, I've been enjoying it for several weeks and I noticed it’s beautiful also on men’s skin (the version “for Man” is more austere and vigorous, I prefer this one). All bottles from Amouage line have recently been revised to a rounded edges square shape, which I like more than the previous version for its solid and compact feel, in line with the strength and richness of what's inside. Too much (real) crystal, gold and silver outside diverts attention on bottles, whereas the Beauty is inside.
Yes, yes I know, Amouage perfumes are quite pricey but in my opinion, when the result comes down to this level of refinement and pleasure, every penny spent is a source of great satisfaction

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