6 dicembre 2009

Notes for Santa

This year again, I decided to help Santa’s difficult task, and put some items under his attention, so he won’t wait until the last second, only to find empty shelves. I like to think of a well-organized Santa  searching the world for gifts at the right time and choosing the ones that will make people happy. Here's a first draft of the list, in the coming days it will be broadened.

I had seen the Boule parfumèe by Perle di Bianca in Florence and I fell in love at once: not only because the charm has an extremely refined design, but also because it contains a "pearl" scented with Perle di Bianca fragrance, allowing you to carry it with you everywhere. To die for.  Info here.

The Christmas Olfactorium by Mouillettes & Co. is ideal for familiarizing with 48 raw materials, both synthetic and natural, used in perfumery, and it's customizable. You may also like the "Wine Olfactorium" created in collaboration with wine experts  with 48 flavours characteristic of Italian wines. For those who want to play, or learn more. Info here

Nobile 1942 has created the 2 coffret of fragrances "At he King’s Court/Alla Corte del Re” to introduce boys and girls to the world of fragrances in a non-commercial way, to help them develop their own personal taste without standardize their choices. One coffret is dedicated to rose and the other one to cedarwood, each containing three fragrances which can be used alone or mixed together. The scents, both the single and the mixed ones, are complex and interesting, and would sound convincing even on many adults! Info here.

The glass Bijoux by Vetrofuso are worth to discover because they’re original, stylish creations already on their own. But some of them are special because they have a hole, so that you can pour a few drops of your favourite fragrance in; the warmth of your skin will make it evaporate and gravitate around you. Strange, fascinating way to wear perfume, imho.
Info here.

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