26 febbraio 2010

Acqua Universalis (F. Kurkdjian, 2009)

My friend Francesca was recently in Paris and brought me back a small vial of Acqua Universalis by Maison F. Kurkdjian. She also gave me a box of mint-scented bubbles.Bubbles, yes, those for children to blow. Fanciful item (but not what I wanted to talk to you). I was waiting eagerly for her return because I had read wonders about the A.U. and I had great expectations.

Above all, I was intrigued by the brilliant concept behind it. With the creation of this perfume, F. Kurkdjian wanted to create a global fragrance, a single scent to fulfil all people's needs: personal scent, smell of clothes soap, cleaning products, environmental fragrances for home and car... everything smelling just the same. In short, those who choose this Acqua Universalis products may live in a perfumed bubble, with their smell always around them all day, leaving a strong olfactory imprint. And this is the first disappointment: are we really sure it's nice to smell always the same forever?
Besides, this operation is not new, many lines are offering the same scent for the person and the environment, but they don't venure into detergents... and in fact -here comes the third disappointment- you can put fragrances in a detergent only if those remind, in some way, a detergent.
Indeed it's not an Eau de Cologne because it's not shortliving and discreet; it's a modern, neon interpretation; the idea of freshness isn't given by citrus (lemon, bergamot, etc) and aromatic herbs (lavender, rosemary), but by magical synthetic molecules, giving a clean, glittering freshness, neat, it smells of clothes hung out to dry in mountain air. Pleasant in a detergent, but less on a person. Wearing it was like staying in a room completely empty and white, wearing a white dress, with a neon white light on the head. It can be an interesting experiment for one hour, but after two hours, if nothing moves around, no shadow nor swing, no colors, well, it's quite an uneasy feeling.

I believe this perfume will be a huge success, and rightly so because it's powerful, diffusing and very persistent (8 hours) and playing satisfactorily with an idea of cleanliness very appealing today... many people use Eau d'Issey, Acqua di Giò, CkOne, Fresh perfumes...the fresh&clean trend is not falling for now.

Monsieur Kurkdjian, I appreciate other things you did but... when I feel the need for a modern cologne, all synthetic, but elegant and refined, smelling of soft, clean and warm skin, I spray Mugler's Cologne and I feel good.

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Złodziejka Róż ha detto...

Although the idea of Acqua Universalis seemed intriguing at the beginning, after reading your rewiev it appears to be too limiting and somewhat tedious. I guess too much of muchness can kill all the fun. When I come to think of it, I very rarely use the same scent on two or three consecutive days so being forced to smell the same everywhere, everytime would be a nightmare for me.

(Since this is my first comment on your blog let me just express my deepest admiration to your knowledge. Reading your posts is a real feast to my senses. Thank you!)

Bergamotto e Benzoino ha detto...

Welcome Zlodziejka and thank you for your nice words! Yes, for people like us, who like smelling differently according to the mood of the day, it can be boring having the same perfume around for days...
And thank you for writing your thoughts: the number of guests coming here from all countries is constantly growing, but only few people decide to share their opinions... I'm trying to understand why, meanwhile... thank you!!! :-)

Złodziejka Róż ha detto...

It could be that the lack of interaction between authors and their readers results from the fact that it's easier to be passive. Being an active participant is simply very time consuming. It's just easier to take than give. Reasons/excuses for that may be different (in my case it's shyness - you can't even imagine how difficult it was for me to post my previous comment, it took me 20 minutes to write those few lines and then I spent another 20 minutes pondering whether to post it or not) but the end result is just the same. We (ie. the readers) are just lazy.

Bergamotto e Benzoino ha detto...

So thank you again for winning the reader's natural lazyness ;-) and please come back again!