9 febbraio 2010

Winter Bouquets

Yes I know, we generally speak of winter perfumes in late autumn to prepare for the cold wave and get an idea of what to ask Santa. Instead I'd like to outline a report: what perfumes are you using to warm yourselves up in recent months? I'll be the first: this winter I'm wearing some powerful, warm muscs llike Kiehl's Musk Oil and Muscs Kubla Khan (Lutens), which envelope me with their sweet, erotic charm.
Some refined leathers like Ten by Knize and Cuir Ambre by Prada, which gives my days structure and disciplinates me when I feel restless and feel like procrastinating things.
Woods of great character like Coromandel (Chanel), the most refined patchouli you can possbily find, Tiarè St. Barth (my winter classic, patchouli, more than tiarè, unfortunately discontinued) and Bois Farine (L'Artisan Parfumeur), which I prefear wearing at home, because it's very intimate, it highlights parts of me that I feel like keeping for myself.
And some Orientals/Gourmand like Fumerie Turque (Lutens, again), Villoresi's Alamut, expressing the same warmth of a soft, precious pashmina scarf, and the notorious Hypnotic Poison Elixir (I know, I know, I know...).
In some very special evenings my choice fell on Guerlain's Véga and Rubj by Vero Kern. No words. Only pure Beauty.
And you? What about your winter choices?

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