5 marzo 2010

12th Perfume Day and Violette Festival: it's springtime in Provence!

This event, created in 1999, and now at its 12th edition, is hosted at the Congress Center in Grasse tomorrow (Saturday 6th) afternoon.
As usual, Grassoises are stingy with details about what they do, so you won't find anything regarding this small event in the entire Web. 
But if it's organized as the previous years, there will be lots of entertainment:
-  Discovery area of some raw materials (usually there are Charabot, Mane, Robertet, and Laboratoire Monique Rémy)
- International Museum of Perfume
- Osmothèque of Versailles
- Concours de nez - identification test of raw materials
- A lecture delivered by some great perfumer. Last year there was Olivier Cresp, the year before it was Yves de Chiris.
And dont' forget that this week end (March 6-7) in Tourrette Sur Loup there will be the Violette Festival!

2 commenti:

Michael Mattison ha detto...

Haven't been on your blog in a couple of weeks and I was beginning to have withdrawals. :-) Thanks for the info on Grasse. What a wonderful idea, this congresse. Even if it's too short-term for me this year, another year perhaps? And Provence is always worth seeking out.
Have a great weekend,

Bergamotto e Benzoino ha detto...

Hi Michael, I'm going to post a report of the day, stay tuned! :-)