8 marzo 2010

See you at Esxence?

The event is open to the public on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28. Website here.

My friends from Adjiumi Niche Perfumes have organized some interesting things on Saturday 27, and I've put together my own, so we have one agenda, interesting and varied. It will be a very exciting day, we'll have some events organized especially for us.
The first is scheduled at 15.00, and it's entitled "Fragrance from the World"; it's organized by Mouillettes & Co. exclusively for Bergamotto e Benzoino. Together, we'll make a journey into olfactory cultures of the five Continents, exploring raw materials from Africa, South America, the Far East... we'll learn how they smell, how they are used in perfumery, perhaps recognizing which famous perfumes we have already smelled them in and will exchange impressions and sensations under the expert guidance of Maria Grazia Fornasier.
Since places are limited, admission is by invitation only: ask me to send you the card!

During the day you can also visit the Osmothèque stand (the Osmothèque keeps around 2000 scents in its refrigeraterd shelves, especially vintages no longer in production, rebuilt after their original formulas) . It's the first time that Osmothèque takes some of its precious bottles to Italy, and I'm organizing a space exclusively for us. Meanwhile, tell me if you're interested.

It's all for now: you'll find the full agenda in the coming days both here and in Adjiumi NP.

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