7 maggio 2010

Rose Day #2 (Trama, Ta'if, Dark Rose, Paestum Rose)

... hope all these roses aren't going to kill me!

I'm saying this for three good reasons:
1 - because a couple of friends noticed my efforts and emailed me worried and ironic notes ;-)
2 - because it seems as if it'll be roses again, tomorrow: my friend Prisca sent me from Persia something really "explosive" rosewise, and I must tell everything.
3- Moreover, Andy (Tauer) gave me a small vial full of the rose fragrance he's working now, so why not trying it these days?
Anyway, here are my roses for today:
Yesterday evening, after a shower and dinner, I wore Trama by Simone Cosac Profumi (Perle di Bianca). A "real rose" scent, in the sense that there are other flowers and woods in it, but the star is undoubtedly the rose, without any question. You can almost "witness" the life of the flower, as if it were showed in slow motion: from the moment she starts opening up, shy and still unripe with green and pungent notes, to the moment when, in full bloom, she reveals a warm, feminine, and bold essence, to the fullness of her maturity and sex appeal, when she meets up with a rough and elegant patchouli. A rose of character, which makes herself heard without embarrassment or uncertainty, proud to be a True Rose. Clearly not my perfume, but... how fascinating!

This morning I've been wearing  Ormonde Jayne's Ta'if. A beautiful essence of rose damascena, piquant from pepper and saffron, flanked with orange blossom, freesia and jasmine. Lively, optimistic, with just a hint of fruity feeling due to peach and date. I liked its sober, elegant balance, which radiates just a little from the skin, whispering its presence for some hours.

In the afternoon I chose Dark Rose by Czech & Speake, which Lady in Black presented me months ago. A provocative and sensual fragrance, where saffron, sandalwood, patchouli and oud prevail above all. Oh, and of course there's rose, too. But here rose is nothing more than an excuse to talk about everything which is animalic, earthy, softly sensual and velvety. A warm breath of love on the lips of the beloved one, which always leaves me speechless.

And in a few minutes I'm wearing Paestum Rose by Eau d'Italie. I know this scent well because it's the only rose that really fascinates me, the one I occasionally wear with the purest pleasure. The fragrance opens with the green and slightly fruity note of davana and a variety of spices: coriander, cinnamon, pink and black pepper. It deepens with precious flowers such as peony and osmanthus and with the best resins (a fresh incense, opoponax, myrrh and benzoin), ending with a pile of rough, dry wood, with green shadows of cedar, patchouli, wenge and vetiver. There's all the best in here, and it's cleverly balanced. I appreciate a lot of works done by Bertrand Duchafour (today Parfumeur Maison at L'Artisan Parfumeur) but this, I can assure you, is a real masterpiece.

Pic: here

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