14 settembre 2010

Notes from Pitti Immagine Fragranze

I'm collecting notes I wrote during the last 3 days at Pitti Immagine Fragranze, and I'm preparing a series of posts which will deal with scents I liked:
- the two new releases by Artisan Parfumeur: Traversèe du Bosphore and Coeur de vetiver Sacré. The vetiver strikes for its spiciness, sensual in an odd way, much less vetiver-ial than what the name suggests.
- Rose Quartz by Olivier Durbano, a rose fragrance that enchanted me with its delicate and ethereal touch; like a sort of "little sister" -still naive and not yet "sensually corrupt"- of her grown up siblings of the line.
- The two "Agonist" scents, esp "The Infidel", which I really liked. A remarkable presence on the skin, without being intrusive, the fragrance combines floral and animal notes in an unusual and convincing, they gave me samples to get more detailed, I will definitely wear them a lot.  Normally, these fragrances are encased in precious Kosta Boda glass bottles costing a couple of mortgage payments (literally). But luckily for me they decided to create an easier bottle (for normal people like me) that will be out soon.
- I liked the new writing of "Huitième Art" by Pierre Guillaume. These perfumes show no classic structure and the development we are accustomed to, the idea here is of daily hits, which makes fragrances pleasing because instantly recognizable. The eighth art (Huitieme Art) consists in trying to read and reproduce reality with an artificial device that makes it truer than true, and that's what I appreciated.
- The beautiful candles by Mad et Lein.
- Hanbury and Barry Lindon, the two new launches by Maria Candida Gentile. Especially Hanbury, an exuberant yet sophisticated floral, very present and persistent, characterized by a sweet acacia note, dosed carefully to the millimeter to avoid falling into cloying. Well executed and enjoyable
- Edp Versions of Yosh line. I had written of her oil fragrances already last year, I appreciated how she succeeded in transferring them into alcohol.

I look forward to try again:
- Du Lac by Eau d'Italie, which seemed to me stylishly delicate and evocative, but I couldn't follow the development as it deserved.
- L'Eau Duelle by Dyptique, which left me a little puzzled by the sudden change of style of the Maison. Defined by all "Dyptique's vanilla", I haven't felt particularly sweet. It left me with a taste of incomplete, but I couldn't tell why.
- The new Amouage (Memoir): I haven't dedicated enough time to it, since I just threw myself over the beautiful attar that are going to be distributed in Italy. Not all, only 18 out of 60 in the line, but I look forward to buy at least a couple of them.
- Carillon pour un Ange, the new launch by Andy Tauer for Luckyscent. Andy gave me enough juice to try it at ease and make a draw with my readers.
- The Odin line. I would've liked to test them with more time and ease it be able to speak of them. I was impressed by the minimal packaging and the sophisticated touch of the scents, especially the "Violet" and the "Woody".

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Six' ha detto...

I'm very eager to read your impressions, especially on the Traversée du Bosphore and the new PG line!

I must say I was a bit disappointed in Coeur de Vétiver (probably by contrast, since the last Artisans were so good), and the Eau du Lac did nothing for me, pretty but not much more. The Bosphore, on the other hand, I'm dying to sniff!

Oh, and was Calypso there? (the new Piguet,)

Bergamotto e Benzoino ha detto...

Hi Six' I didn't see the new Piguet, I guess it was not there, yet.
I'm preparing the posts! ;-)