30 ottobre 2010

Douceur de Vanille by Les Nereides

I don’t like cold weather at all, and in these first really cold days, I realize I’m showing a preference for warm and comfortable scents, able to warm my soul up a bit.
So I started again wearing a perfume by Les Nereides I've always loved so much: Douceur de Vanille.
More than a vanilla scent as the name would suggest, this is a musk scent, dominated by musky notes and bright white musks, embracing the most tender vanilla, soft and, with a faint hint of almond but aiming at no gourmand direction.
In fact, this is the only vanilla fragrance of my acquaintance which never suggests food; here vanilla is just an excuse to talk about tenderness, smell of warm skin, a cashmere shawl, the loving touch of someone who cares about you. 
A "parfum de peau" of balance and finesse, charmingly naive and simple.
Unfortunately, it lives short on skin, while on clothes it lasts a bit longer (no more than an hour, anyway); but in this case, spraying and re-spraying again isn’t a problem because, even though Les Nereides perfumes are almost all very well executed, featuring a modern creativity, the cost of the bottles is more than affordable.
Today’s market (even the selective, or niche sector) often offers uninteresting scents - passing them off as great works- for 160-200 euros per bottle; Les Nereides fragrances, costing an average of 60 euros per 100ml allow perfume lovers to take home creative, charming, interesting compositions, easy to wear.
To me, Les Nereides seems a little-big brand deserving much more attention and praise.

What scents are you wearing in these first few weeks of real cold weather?

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