1 novembre 2010

APOM (A Piece of Me) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Thanks to my dear friend AnnaMaria I could try for a while APOM (A Piece Of Me) pour femme, the fragrance that represents a piece of its creator Francis Kurkdjian. On an intellectual level, I appreciate the idea that inside Monsieur Kurkdjian’s soul there’s also something feminine which he’s not afraid of show. Even more so, because it has to do with his the idea of a woman: a bright and cheerful woman, with great personality and an unshakable optimism, capable of giving a shock to anyone who comes close. A really beautiful kind of woman, I think.
The fragrance reveals satisfyingly powerful since the first spray, with a beautiful orange blossom note, where natural note is coupled with a synthetic counterpart enabling it a full-bodied presence and a longer life. The orange blossom with its thrust is reached by ylang ylang, with its joyful and feminine twist, a flower and generous and sound, which again raises the volume and adds a voluptuous floral feeling. The pyramid also says cedarwood, perceptible in the base, dominated by an almost rough, woody sensation, offering a minimum of rigor and balance to the composition, allowing it not fall into the “cloying” side.
I also detect an aldehydic-fruity note that I don’t recognize, but whose presence is indicated by a thick and waxy sensation, which carries the fragrance in a fruity direction; and musk notes of aquatic, ozonic kind (reminiscent of calone) enveloping the flowers and refracting them in a neon light.
This fragrance shows power, is projected into the air with a certain exuberance and even if its tone gets smoother after a couple of hours, is still clearly present, although without intrusiveness. It lasts a lot on your skin: at least 4-5hours.
When FK works for himself (ie without a specific brief from a customer) he doesn’t always excite me, but here he’s been able to find the perfect balance between flower and fruit without getting in the gourmand side, and has managed to maintain a high volume for a long time without ever becoming intrusive. A good test of both talent and great skill: FK started working with Quest at a very young age (while a minor), so even if he's still very young, he's piled up many years of experience, and in this scent, you can smell them all.

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