23 novembre 2010

Nocturnal animals 1: Absolue pour le Soir (by Maison Francis Kurkdjian)

Some scents may be frightnening.

Yet, despite fear, sometimes you can't help but approaching them. Obviously very cautiously, slowly making concentric circles closer and closer, without ever losing sight... then you get near... you're almost there ... and when they seem to be close enough to touch... bammm! their paws are already catching you.
You're slammed to the floor, they jump on your skin and you cannot help but let them stay for as long as they want. And then, when they'll be ready to leave you alone, then it's you who cannot do without them anymore. Beware, therefore, to keep reading this review, because we're going to talk about dangerous nocturnal animals, which only by chance have been disguised as perfumes.
The first, Absolue pour le Soir (Maison Francis Kurkdjian) is the one similar to a Bengal tiger.
"I will roar that I will do any man's heart good to hear me" says a character in William Shakespeare's "A Midsummers Night's Dream"
Imagine a big, soft, furry cat, busy in the siesta. Imagine the sumptuous softness of thick golden hair with black speckles; imagine its breath, warm, heavy, animal, sweet of the blood of its latest prey, then imagine the crature roaring: a rugged, powerful, awesome and yet mesmerizing roar. Imagine this terrible tiger in a ruby sunset, perched among branches of a tree, waiting for the burning rays to disappear, and darkness to take over and allow it to begin its night hunt.
Well, now imagine it jump down the branch, walking on your skin...
Benzoin of Siam (the velvety softness), cumin (the brutal, feline note), ylang ylang, Bulgarian and Iranian rose (majestic and impressive), honey (as if to say "come closer with no fear: I'm sweet"), frankincense (smoky and mystic), Atlas cedarwoos (roughness) and sandalwood (a wealth of almost tactile sensations).
A hypnotising scent which can result even frightening for the power and the weirdness (a weirdness close to Oud and Labdanum (both by Le Labo) + L'Artisan Parfumeur's Dzing!).
It's like an invitation to a closer approach, to let go of intellectual control, and surrender to its irresitible call, turning yourself voluntarily into a prey.
A really well done work, original, interesting, starting extremely animalic, with a scary, nocturnal feeling (I received a couple of worried comments, while wearing it) and ending in a luscious pond of ambery notes. I found it sooo fascinatingly weird. Bravo!

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