12 marzo 2011

Campomarzio70: exceptional event in Rome

Yesterday, Campomarzio 70 celebrated the opening of its new store on Via Vittoria in Rome a clean, fresh space conceived to make fragrances shine on their shelves.
The new store was designed as a meeting place for perfume-related presentations, conferences and events.
For the occasion, Valentino and Fabrizio invited some friends: Nyclas Lydeen (Agonist), Christophe Cervasel (Atelier Cologne), Kilian Hennessy (By Kilian), Emilie Bouge (Brécourt), Julien Provoust (Cire Trudon), Olivier Durbano, Tammy Frazer (Frazer Perfumes), Simon Brooke (Grossmith), Francis Kurkdjian, Claude Marchal (MDCI), Clara Molloy (Memo), Mona di Orio, Alessandro Gualtieri (Nasomatto), Jan Vos Ewoud (Puredistance), Andy Tauer, Vero Kern (vero.profumo), Sergio Momo (XerJoff) Yosh Han (Yosh), among other friends also Massimo (Nobile 1942), Maria Grazia Fornasier (Mouillettes & Co.) who gave a lecture on "Scents and personality" and Ermano (La Gardenia nell’Occhiello)
It’s been a really nice afternoon, a fantastic opportunity to meet friends, chat, meet some new artists and others, already established, for the first time in Italy. This large concentration of creators and creative directors -quite an unique event- it’s a bit of a recognition of the efforts Campomarzio is doing in creating interest around selective perfumery. I’ll quote their press release because I find it 100% true: "The brands selected by Campomarzio70 share one characteristic: they smell real. Artists behind them are driven by the desire to communicate their vision of the world, aware that they will evoke images, feelings and experiences according to the wearer’s personality". My opinion is that this cultural approach to fragrance, in the long run, is truly rewarding.
On this occasion I was able to interview some very special people:
- Francis Kurkdjian,
- Kilian Hennessy
- Mona di Orio, who sprayed me her new 3 launches
- Simon & Amanda Brooke (Grossmith)
- Niclas Lydeen (Agonist)

- Emilie Bouge (Brécourt)
And then, unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for anyone else... but I started collecting notes, and starting from tomorrow, I'll post interviews and pictures: stay tuned!

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