28 marzo 2011

Esxence - The Scent of Excellence - 2011 Edition

Just a few days and "Esxence, the Scent of Excellence" exhibition of niche perfumery will open in Milan. I noticed that some brand-distributors chose not to participate this year; this means that a dozen of creators and brands I particularly admire won’t be there, while a few brands whose "artistic" intention might be questionable, instead, will.
Differences between "Pitti Immagine Fragranze" and "Esxence" exhibitions begin to emerge with some clarity, each taking a connotation of its own and different intentions. Better, otherwise they would simply duplicate each other.
I know Adjiumi is organizing to participate, and I’ll be present, too. Also because with Maria Grazia Fornasier, founder of Mouillettes&Co. (Italian partner of Cinquiéme Sens) we organized 5 conversations titled "It’s true that ...? Myths and Realities of the perfume universe". During the conversations, Maria Grazia and I will clarify doubts and answer questions coming from the public, in particular, ones arrived here, on Mouillettes & Co website and on Adjiumi Niche Perfumes Forum. The topics suggested cover all aspects of perfumery and participants will have chance to sniff precious natural raw materials, check the correctness of names we usually use indicating raw materials and some fragrance families on which there may be confusion and much more.

Conversations will take place Saturday 2nd at 12 and 15, and Sunday 3rd at 11.30, 14.00 and 16.30; participation is free and open to everyone, introduce yourself so that we’ll meet in person, it’ll be a pleasure! Please note that Saturday at 12, the conference is dedicated to B & B and AdjiumiNP friends. But clearly, if you cannot come, all the other meetings are as free.
So who’ll be there?

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