27 aprile 2011

"Luludi" and "Carib" (SdL, 2010)

These days I'm trying "SdL”, a line established in 2004 under the name “Segreti di Lucca" and signed by Simonetta Giurlani Pardini, a lady with a love for Tuscany and the stories of her homeland.
Years ago, Simonetta opened a shop in Lucca to sell Santa Maria Novella perfumed soaps, scents etc: "The shop has been like a door through which I entered the world of perfume as a professional, not only as a passionate", she explained to me. In the meantime, she kept feeding her other passion, for historical biographies: "I study the lives of historical figures, I like to investigate especially the lives of strong-willed women, who were able to leave a mark in the society in which they lived"; her studies gave birth, in 2004, to the first fragrance of her line, named "Elisa" and dedicated to Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte, Princess of Lucca and Napoleone Bonaparte's sister.
In 2010 the line “Segreti di Lucca" has been given a new direction, not just renewing name ("SdL”) and packaging, but by launching two new fragrances called "Luludi” and “Carib”. I didn’t know them, but my friend Mariangela Rossi (journalist and writer), said I absolutely had to try them. And in fact, it was good advice.

Luludi ("flower" in the language of the Sinti people) is a floral/poudrèe with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, violet, rose, jasmine, lily, iris, cedar, white musk, vanilla. I've worn it several times with satisfaction because although is a "floral", it shows a certain degree of originality, it vibrates between a more poudrèe, innocent, clean facet (lily of the valley, iris and violet), and a more sensual, exuberant one (rose and jasmine) with a woody base giving structure, longevity and depth to the fragrance. Since its opening to its base notes, the fragrance changes slowly but in a perceptible way, melting the innocence/sensuality dynamics into a bright and sunny drydown (white musks). A floral with character, suitable for people conscious of having many complementary facets inside, and wanting to pamper all of them.

Carib is a tobacco-focused fragrance (tobacco is a typical product of Tuscany). It owes its name to a Guyana's ethnic group that once grew tobacco and used it for shamanic rituals; the perfume is a woody oriental with bergamot, lavender, geranium, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, amber, musk, cedarwood (and Karanal, a beautiful woody molecule I adore, which helps create the tobacco feeling). Carib has clearly been created to please men, but I’ve enjoyed wearing it, I felt a somehow mysterious depth which I found charming.

I also like to highlight that bottle and design are sophisticated but essential, and that fragrances are extrait de parfum (30%) thus featuring an excellent intensity and longevity.

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