6 maggio 2011

Robert Piguet for Douglas Hannant

Interior, office, day. Computer on, phones calls. Dialogue between two colleagues:
"Ugh ... I'm getting a headache. Could it be the new colleague’s perfume?”
"Excuse me what perfume are you wearing?"
"Fracas. It 's my favorite, I always wear it"
"Well, would you please avoid it in office? It 's a little heavy".

For me, wearing Fracas is pure joy, and none in my office has ever dreamt of asking me not to wear it. But well, I recognize that yes, it’s very intense. Exuberant as a black gown with Rita Hayworth squeezed inside.
I imagine the volcanic CEO of Robert Piguet Parfums, Joseph Garces (which I had the great pleasure of meeting during Esxence) reading letters from passionate consumers who work in places where Fracas is considered too intense for the average taste. And there are no alternatives: the Fracas tribe isn’t interested in other tuberose scents, since like Fracas since there's only Fracas.
If Germaine Cellier created it outrageously over-exposed, Mr. Garces decided to try with a brighter, more sophisticated take on it; a new version suitable for a younger girl, working in an office, doing sports, flirting with men, but still undecided whether to become or not the True Seductress.
In any case there's no doubt about who is the parent scent: the tuberose is exactly the same as in Fracas, so are the other flowers (jasmine, orange blossom, rose), sandalwood cedarwood, even a hint of fruitiness.
But the result is a little bit restrained, lighter, and instead to aim at animal sensuality, it turns decisively towards happiness, optimism, and a freshness which makes it very wearable and, above all, very, very, very chic. No more Rita Hayworth squeezed in black satin but Cate Blanchett dressed in white chiffon.

Created by brilliant Aurelien Guichard (Givaudan), who is constantly surprising us with sophisticated and sensual creations, it was commissioned by Douglas Hannant, an American "niche" fashion designer. I think it's just perfect to suit the sophisticated style of this designer’s couture, popular among Hollywood stars.
Here in Italy it won’t be distributed (quite unfortunately, because it’s a nice scent) but after all, we have absolutely no problem wearing Fracas, and are allowed to enjoy it every day...

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