20 giugno 2011

70 Great Classics

"What are the fragrances that perfume lovers should know about?"
I’ve been asked this more than once, and I’ve always avoided answering because it’s no sense throwing some random names without thinking about it properly. And it ended I thought a lot.
The list I’m posting in the next days contains 70 fragrances which, IMHO, is absolutely essential to know if you are interested to understand more of the world of perfumery.

I have intentionally excluded unavailable vintage ones, or available only at the Osmothèque (Paris), as well as artistic perfumes and too selective fragrances available only after complicated research, because I wanted the list to be used by anyone, more or less in any city. And it's the same reason why some great classics are missing, too: they made sense in their original formulation and maybe in the following ones but now the formula has been completely turned upside down, and the sense is lost. But I included others which still reflect a spark of the beauty of their former selves.
Originally, the list was to contain only 50 scents but I didn’t manage to narrow it that much: 70 seems like a lot, but still, believe me, it’s the bare minimum.
Some of you will agree with my list, someone else will think that I forgot something important (possible, so please write); others may notice “intruders” (... write about that, too!).
Please note that this isn’t the list of the 70 most beautiful things you can smell: it’s the list of those 70 that you really ought to know. 
The image: Painting "Exciting perfumes by Mem" by Renè Magritte available here

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