26 luglio 2011

Clothes and vintage scents (White Linen, N.19, Diorissimo, Diorama)

I was writing a post about the exciting lesson I participated last week at Mouillettes &Co. on "Perfumes and Personalities" but then I decided to tell you something different, still originating there, I'll post on the lesson in a couple of days.
At Mouillettes&Co. I've always met interesting people: trainers, marketing managers, people who work in the scented field and thus may convey a different, mind-opening view. So, when I realized that the other participant was a young and talented image consultant (Dino from "Simply Chic" Image Consulting), I took the opportunity to ask a lot of advice on clothing and accessories.
Needless to say that I deal with perfume and not with clothes, so... it seems the clothes I wear don’t suit me at all: I should wear heels, skinny trousers, light and bright colors. The exact opposite of what I do everyday. Hmm ...
Well, the desire to renew part of my wardrobe, actually showed up for a moment, but then I decided to stick to the clothes I already own, and invest the money I had prefigured, in perfumes.
And since this decision made me feel immediately better, I started with some vintage (25-30 years ago) i found in an old shop in the suburbs. :-D
I found an ounce (30 ml) of White Linen Parfum: more floral and poudrèe than the Edp, is an aldehydic floral of incomparable beauty, sophisticated yet simple. Light and delicate as mother’s embrace. To die for.
Then I continued with a quarter of an ounce of Chanel’s N.19, a green accord iris/galbanum, rigorous, a bit smoky, bone-dry, ultra chic and still wearable today (ok, you’ve to show more personality than her). By the way, I highly recommend every man to wear it at least once: the orris, treated in this nervous and aristocratic way might just sparkle on your skin.
And then, I had to buy 7.5 ml of Diorissimo, parfum. A lily-of-the-valley accord with animalic touches, which makes itself heard without arrogance, but with a certain decision. Very charming and anything but shy!
Then while I was there, the dealer showed me a bottle of 500ml Diorama edt. I repeat: five hundred ml DIORAMA!
I tried to show indifference, but the fellow was conscious of letting me see a kind of ghost: he had a good laugh and told me that he won’t sell it for any price because it’s a beloved memory. I wasn’t even allowed to dip a touche in it, he just unopened it and made me sniff the bottle's neck, closed by its plastic cap. That, however, let out a jasmine/orange blossom accord a little animalic and resinous, quite powerful. He doesn’t know me, so he’s not aware that the word “No” won’t discourage me. It just means that he’s not yet ready to let it go; after all, everybody takes his/her time. And I will take Diorama.
But that’s not all: I could get my hands on a real gem, of which I will tell you in another post.

White Linen ad from Parfum de Pub

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