5 agosto 2011

Perfumes and Personality

A couple of weeks ago I went in Castelletto Sopra Ticino for a lesson with Maria Grazia Fornasier (Mouillettes &Co.). It was titled "Perfumes and Personality" and I absolutely needed it for the project I'm starting with Caterina (and sooner or later I’m writing of it). The last course I attended at Mouillettes&Co. was last September, and once more I was impressed by Maria Grazia’s skills gained in thirty years of fieldwork, the nonchalance with which she adds data and facts that no one else knows, and that always leave you speechless.
Another interesting thing is that her courses are open to only a few entries at a time, because each participant must be granted his/her own space so that everyone can express themselves, ask questions and details on what interests them most. It ends up that what you bring back home is much more than what you expected.
The lesson focused on identifying the type of person we meet through the "reading" of his/her look (clothing and accessories, colours, lines of clothes, materials, etc.). This could be useful for many kind of professionals in different fields, but the aim of the lesson was the combination of each type of style with a range of perfumes from different olfactory families. Certainly there are exceptions, welcome and precious –since we are not always the same every single day- but mostly, a person’s style permeates all his/her choices, because it’s the mix of how the person perceives him/herself and how wants to be perceived. Trying to select the most appreciated families for the various styles (such as sporty, sexy, etc.), we also smelled fragrances launched in the last years and some classics, and we could test with our nose that in effect some obvious links like "Fresh and sporty" or "Fur-scent " click spontaneously, while others click only if you’re helped to discover them, because they're not so obvious.
Among other things, I could smell some perfumes I’d never smelled before (I’m not able to smell every launch in the year, it’s too much stuff) and I plan to go soon to resmell: Guilty by Gucci and Dior Homme Sport, which gave me a positive thrill. Do you know them?

I wish to thank again to Maria Grazia, we’ll see again in September, when I’ll take part in the lesson "A century of masculine perfumes": last year I participated in "A century of feminine perfumes" and it was a wonderful experience, very rich in stimuli and training.

For Mouillettes&Co. website (double language) click here.

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