23 settembre 2011

Mon Parfum Chéri, par Camille (C.Goutal & I.Doyen for Annick Goutal)

Annick Goutal has just launched Mon Parfum Cheri par Camille, a fragrant homage from Camille to her mother, long gone. Annick was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, intelligent and charming, she had a special fondness for the great classics and often wore them. I’m 100% convinced that if she could smell this creation by her daughter she’d be very proud of her because it’s beautiful, executed masterfully and, most importantly, with amazing taste.
Want to know how it’s like?
Then please start the video below: this fragrance is understood much better if in the background you may hear Tricky’s slow, husky, sensual voice.

Ok, let’s go, then.
Tricky's voice represents the base accord: patchouli and sandalwood, an orris butter of exceptional quality, notes of leather and plum. All together at a slow pace, sumptuous, hypnotic, wrapping the composition in a twilight where there’s no more certainties, deadlines or timetables; it's a long, soothing night and it’s unnecessary to behave yourself, you can surrender to instinct, to skin. No matter who you think you are: surrender and everything’s going to feel much better, you'll see.
In this formula there’s no real top notes: the perfume is composed only of magnificent base and middle notes. And in fact the feminine, dreamy voice serves just to enrich the whole and make it ambiguously sensual, like the rose/violet, accord, with a drop of tuberose and a hint of spice (cinnamon or clove), lighting a warm, golden flame in the night making you feel cozy and safe.
If you’ve Petite Cherie or Ninfeo Mio in mind, you’re completely astray, Mon Cheri Parfum, par Camille is a perfume for those who are conscious of wearing a majestic presence; it shows what it means when someone inspired by classics has the ability to create something truly modern, perfectly balanced and sophisticated.
The EDP (which I tried), takes several hours to leave the skin and literally an eternity to leave clothes, with an intensity to be handled with care.
I wear it and I'm Greta Garbo. My husband wears it and he's Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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muriel ha detto...

favoloso finalmente una fragranza che mi rapisce.........

muriel ha detto...

buonissimo intrigante e sensuale ,penso che lo prendero' o me lo faro' regalare .........

Bergamotto e Benzoino ha detto...

... buongustaia! :-)