14 settembre 2011

Pentachords: a new series by Andy Tauer

I met Andy the other day during Fragranze and he told me about his two new productions: the first is the "Pentachords" fragrances you see in the picture, the other is a project I'll tell you of in a few months.
The idea behind the Pentachords line (the first three, White, Auburn and Verdant just came out), was established by the challenge of trying to compose something interesting with only 5 notes for each scent, and all synthetic.
The result is three fragrances very different  from Andy's previous production. Usually, he pairs synthetic notes and natural raw materials of excellent quality (the incense in L'Air du Desert, or in Incense Extreme, rose in Le Maroc pour elle, vetiver in Vetiver Dance, orange blossom in Orange Star ...), and in fact his compositions are always unconventional takes on frankincense, rose, vetiver etc., original works, completely different from those made by other creators. In Pentachords then, he worked in a completely different way, and the three fragrances out so far, in fact, may be puzzling.
White is the most delicate, powdery, almond-y, comfortable of the three, aldehydes play a wonderful role in transfusing scents with light and shine, and here they seem to be the key of the composition. Auburn features warmer, woody  notes.
Verdant is the trickiest of the goup, and I was impressed by its tremendous pressure, the feeling of the rain forest through blades of white light is mainly metallic and cold, but still very green, in a particularly lively and powerful way. No wet meadows, shy flowers or  dewy-wet shamrocks, here we are in the darkest of the under-wood! Although White is the educated and refined sister, the other two share an unpredictable mood, and are quite challenging. I'm not sure I could fit them into my everyday life, but they're so unconventional and "weird" that own a charm all their own.

Andy Tauer's website here!

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