13 settembre 2011

Sombre Negra (Yosh)

Yosh finally decided to venture into the difficult realm of men's fragrances! Her production so far had been characterized mostly by clean fragrances, flowery, soulful, often as delicate as reeds, and just a few show a dual soul female/male, so the new Sombre Negra is really the first scent inspired by the male universe.
It was time, because the result is really nice.
It 's a dark, shadowy scent with fascinating implications, basically a work  on spices and woods, combined in a clean and dry way, with the juniper bridging between the two central accords. Spices (black and pink pepper, clove, nutmeg and a light touch of cumin) are supported by an elegant bouquet of beautiful woods such as vetiver, cedar, patchouli and oliban, with a final drop of orris and tonka bean, which ban some excessive shades and add a slightly powdery touch to the drydown. I have tested in on skin, and being fond of woody notes I can say that this is straight, dry woody with no sweetness, it conveys the idea of a roughly, wildly handsome man able to catch you -if you like the genre- at very first sniff.

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