19 dicembre 2011

Have you already asked Santa?

Well, the coming Christmas will be remembered as a financially difficult one for many Countries,  nevertheless I feel I deserve a perfumed gift. Because I was good. An all-year sweetie.
However, here we are at December 19th, and I still haven’t asked my Special (perfumed) Santa for anything. Recently I discovered I enjoy scented candles, so I might ask for the trio of Diptyque minicandles or for the Epinette: their scent is pure joy, for me.
But at last Pitti Fragranze I also saw the intriguing Oeufs du Bonheur, and I liked them a lot both for the brightly colored artistic ceramics and for fragrances (descriptions here).
Okay, they’re clearly not candles, but I’m opening my horizons, right? 
As far as the sumptuous Lipstick Rose body butter (F. Malle), it would be just the perfect gift for me, and I'd feel lucky to receive it.

But I have also other ideas: as my bathroom shelf is almost empty -because I finished a series of oils and creams laying unused for months- now I feel I deserve at least the trio Creme Delice Sensuelle + Huile d 'Orient + Gommage au Sable du Desert by Les Sens de Marrakech, three body products extremely rich in Argan oil and Shea Butter, two active ingredients that I love and that do wonders for my skin (here).

And you, have you asked Santa Claus for anything?
Moreover, giving colored eggs has always been considered an omen of good fortune...

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Florian ha detto...

molto interessante ed in sintonia con il libro Florian, il mago dei profumi, edito da CULT editore, che vi consiglio vivamente