23 marzo 2012

Front: the new Turtle Vetiver by Isabelle Doyen for Les Nez

Front is part 2 of the Turtle Project (website here), that is, a group of artists who contribute to the artistic discourse through their own means of expression. Isabelle Doyen (composer for Lez Nez) is part of this project, contributing with her “Turtle vetiver” olfactory exercises. I had already wrote about it (here), when Rene Schifferle, owner of the brand Lez Nez made me try her first vetiver exercise, last year. During the move I received exercise No. 2 named “Front” that if possible, I liked even more. 

Basically, it remains a vetiver-based fragrance: direct, full, with all corners and earthy clumps of wet grass in their place. But this time instead of exploding the green and aggressive aspects, she focused on the poudrèe side. That is powdery, just as iris, ambrette, fig leaf, carrot. A powdery deep-green scent with a salty/smoky oak moss touch, which goes well with the ground side of vetiver (which, after all, is a root). It also features a gentle note of coconut, related to the general feel of “poudrèe” but on a fairly sweeter side. Just perceptible at startup. A surprise, a small and unexpected fireworks that makes it even more interesting. The result is charming, soft, more wearable than exercise # 1, without losing an iota of his impetuous personality. And lasts forever. Chapeau!
You know what I'll do? I'll split it! The first commenter adding his/her thoughts on vetiver will have half of my vial!
Those wishing a full bottle -it's a limited edition, so hurry up- may visit Les Nez website or Luckyscent (pic comes from there).

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jyykke ha detto...

This sounds amazing! I never got a chance to try the first one - I would love to sample this Turtle Vetiver Font.

Vetiver plus coconut sounds unique and terrific.