13 marzo 2012


In these past two weeks I've been less present than usual, here on the blog. The reason? A move. Not exactly the most relaxing experience. Especially since in a few months I'll have another, because now we are in an apartment that my friend Sabrina has kindly provided, but as soon as possible, we will move permanently to the new house. 
The good point is that packing boxes and boxes made me -once more- aware of what's my life like today, because I had to choose only the important things to take here, and pack the others away in a store, waiting for the final transfer. 
Obviously, my first thought was for perfumes. 
When I moved to my Old Town apartment, seven years ago, perfumewas just an aspiration, a wonderful world of emotions that I felt locked up, inaccessible to me. They were made of the same material of dream. I already owned hundreds of full bottles, miniatures and samples, but all were conveniently packaged into three-four boxes, and were not the most important point of that move. In fact, my husband, while packing up, kindly proposed to bring them into the dumpster "There are too many of them, dusty and old, what do you do with all this stuff?" This sparked a furious reaction, that he hadn't understood, but that made me realize how important perfume was for me. Not long after I opened my blog and I started one of the most inspiring adventures of my life so far. Last week, while boxing with the outmost care and dedication my perfumes to wear, the vintage ones, my perfumes for "reference"and study, the hundreds and hundreds of miniatures, the press kits, raw materials, materials of the courses that I attended, the dozens of books and all that, I realized that these seven years required a huge number of large boxes. I have not counted them, but they were many. And now they are all here, in the new house, where they occupy a space unexpected. I knew that perfume had a big space in my life, but watch this space occupied also in a physical way, got me thinking.
Now I'm a bit worried about the vintages, which don't fit in the fridge. At my house I used to have a big fridge, and the two lower shelves were all for them. Here, the fridge is small and I had to find an alternative solution, which doesn't satisfy me. Definitely, I need a wine cellar. As soon as possible.

(image via www.2burleymen.com)

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