13 aprile 2012

La danza delle Libellule/A Dance of Dragonflies (Nobile 1942)

There are times when everything seem to choose the wrong turn. Days, weeks, even months, in which you're far from ok, since diseases (sometimes just a simple flu), allergies, insomnia, worries about the job and the people you love slow you down, sap your energy, keep you from dedicating serenely to your everyday life and projects. You seem to plod, you feel out of sync with the rest of the world. You look in the mirror and see yourself thin, suffered, you've never seen such huge dark circles around your eyes before. Your humor falls to historic lows, and you're afraid of not being able to get out from there.
But then, somehow, it happens.

Spring arrives, turning buds into leaves, and then wisteria blooms, bombing the streets with sweet perfume. The sun warms your skin again, giving you little shocks of pleasure along your spine. Suddenly you breathe more deeply, and you're amazed at that unexpected half-smile hovering at the side of your mouth.
You feel grateful for not giving up to depression, because finally the odd phase is coming to an end. 
Life will never be a bed of roses for anyone, but ... IT'S SPRING AT LAST! 
Everything is possible again.
The new fragrance by Nobile 1942, “La danza delle Libellule / A Dance of Dragonflies”, speaks of all this. Ok, Massimo and Stefania, on their website tell a different, very nice story of how the fragrance was conceived: "A bit of luxury every now and then cannot hurt! La danza delle libellule (the dance of the dragonflies) is a fragrance to devote to yourself, when femininity cries out, claiming some time for frivolousness, cuddles and the gentle insouciance that all women deserve. In every woman there is a bit of little girl, eager to play and dream of fairy-tale atmospheres: Dukes, Counts and Marquises, majestic castles and servants, lush gardens and magnificent dresses, adorned with pearls and precious stones, jolly trips and idle pastimes, romantic encounters and love intrigues ... All these elements form the background to the melody conceived by Franz Lehar, who composed the “Dance of the Dragonflies”, an operetta that met with great success." 
And probably, at Nobile, they have really conceived it like this, a concoction of bergamot, apple, cedar, cinnamon, vanilla, musk and cocoa making up a fresh and dynamic scent, with gourmand touches of vanilla and fruit, humorous, elegant, and absolutely not intrusive. A truly optimistic, joy-inducing scent.

When spring comes, and my fingertips start tingling, I don't need challenging, intellectual scents, lavish raw materials or hazardous accords: I just want lightness, joy and good humor, I want to feel happy and gorgeous, I want to feel like a dancing dragonfly.

Thanks to Fragrantica for the pic!

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